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Gruen Agency

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GRUEN is your full-service digital agency specializing in meaningful results.

With over 3 billion search engine inquires on any given day, it seems virtually impossible to connect local businesses to their customers.


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For over 20 years we have designed, executed and maintained highly effective local search engine marketing programs for small to very large organizations.  We have and will continue to succeed by putting the interests of our clients first, while we assist our partners through an ever-changing online landscape.  We check our egos at the door and really listen.

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  • Transparency We have nothing to hide. We’re just that good.
  • Listening Our clients are our best teachers.
  • Synergy We believe in team spirit.
  • Custom No cookie cutter approach here.
  • Learn We’re committed to staying one step ahead.
  • Conversions If you’re not making sales, what’s the point?

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  • There are 131,000,000,000 web searches per month, 4,000,000,000 per day, 175,000,000 per hour, and 2,900,000 per minute.
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action.
  • 4 Billion of the 6.8 Billion people on the planet use a mobile phone. 3.5 Billion of them use a toothbrush.

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