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Throughout the years our commitment to protect and enhance our culture has been one of our most meaningful accomplishments. Our goal is simple, to create a sense of community the moment you enter the space. Of course an office with a beautiful view helps but it’s beyond that, it’s the people and the satisfaction they have while working here. Let’s face it; employees have to come first and because of that we have ecstatic clients.

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But how does that happen? It’s simple, we listen, we act, we implement.  When you hire incredibly talented people you get out of their way and let them do what they do best.  You give them the tools to succeed and acknowledge exceptional work with tangible and even intangible rewards. We have fun, we celebrate, we’re a family.

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I don’t see anybody at Gruen with any intention other than to help and be part of the team. There’s a true sense of togetherness that allows people to let their guard down and work toward something greater than themselves.

– Amy Buelow, Associate Director of Paid Search

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