Navigating digital marketing is not an easy task. If your business is managing its own marketing programs, you will likely come to a point when you wonder if what you’re doing could be better. You are an expert in your field, not necessarily an expert in marketing. That’s where Gruen Agency can step up to help. Every member of our team is an expert in their speciality and many of them are experienced trainers. If you want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and grow your business, you already know the value of having an expert evaluation of what works and where things can be improved. The decision on how to implement those recommended improvements is still up to you.


Are you interested in learning more about digital marketing in general or taking a deep dive into a particular subject? At Gruen, we’re happy to develop custom workshops for you and your marketing team that are informative and industry specific. We’ll work with you to determine the topics that are critical to your business and then tailor your workshop to give you specific, valuable information that can help you take the next steps toward maximized ROI and a strategic approach to your own marketing.


From understanding the role played by keyword research to looking at how personalized search, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the nature of search, the Gruen SEO & PPC consultants and trainers can take your marketing team through the latest in information and best practices to make sure that your efforts don’t leave any opportunities on the table. The expertise that you see demonstrated on our blog is at your command. Our consultants can help you determine if you need to update your semantic keyword usage on-page. We can take you through updating your ad copy to maximize the click-through with the new expanded text formatting offered by Google. Our trainers can take your whole team through a full-day or half-day training session to bring them all up to speed on the technical issues that can impact search rankings and paid placement.


The continued shift in how people connect to the internet has a large effect on your daily business. The Gruen mobile and local marketing consultants can help with an unbiased evaluation of how well your digital presence performs on smartphones and cellular data networks. We can also assess if your business is properly represented in your local service areas. Our team can tailor marketing training events to give your team a fresh edge against your local competition. Our workshops can take your entire team of decision makers and marketers through a high level overview of how digital marketing continues to change, or we can take your technicians through an intensive study of the coding, systems, and practices that can improve site speed during the training session.


Has the engagement and interaction with your site content dropped off? Do you tend to write about a small set of topics over and over again? We have content marketing consultants that can help you refresh your content and breathe new life into how you inform and educate your customers and community. The Gruen content marketing trainers can bring your subject matter experts up to speed on how to listen for the questions and concerns of your potential customers. We can also take you through the current best practices in writing copy that is visible in search engines and valuable to customers.


Is your content top notch but not getting much traction? We can help you take a look at the social media landscape and determine where best to distribute your content. The Gruen social media consultants are up to date on all of the social media channels available and how best to decide which channels will be the most effective for your business. Our social media evaluations include audience and persona development as well as a competitive analysis of your industry. We can also train your marketing and customer service teams to use those active social media channels to engage and retain your loyal customers. From discovery to evangelism, social media provides your company with a mechanism to drive business.

Our Process

Let’s chat about your concerns so we can better help your business make sense of your in-house marketing efforts.

We’ll work together to address those concerns and create a strategy that will help you start improving your numbers down the line.

If our strategies include the use of any tools, techniques, or tricks that you and your employees are currently unfamiliar with – don’t fret – one of our many experienced and trained team members will teach you everything you need to know.

After meeting, strategizing, and training it will be time for you to retake the reigns. We’ll be there to help when and if you need it.

We can provide guidance on all of this fun stuff: