Content marketing is the cornerstone of any successful online marketing approach. It is what drives awareness, decision making, and ultimately sales. Without content your business has nothing to draw potential business into the top of your funnel. The stories your business shares, the advice it gives, and the motivation behind all of your work become the elements of content that delight and connect your customers to the humanity of your business. The right voice combined with the right research and analytics can be the difference between a clogged sales pipeline and successful long-term conversion yield.


At Gruen, we employ a number of in-house copywriters who are far more than talented writers. They’re experienced researchers who are devoted to learning the ins and outs of your industry and positioning your business to cut through the media noise. Working with us to get your story told will feel effortless and help you get recognized by key influencers across the web.


Content comes in many forms. Yes, it could be a blog post, but infographics, case studies, white papers, slide presentations, video, podcasts, and email all fall under the banner of content marketing. To craft this much content in all it’s various forms takes both creativity and planning.



Whether you have several subject-matter experts within your business or if you will need to rely on the creative talent here at Gruen Agency, we can help you evaluate the big picture and set your content creative on the right path. We often advise clients from a wide variety of industries on all parts of the process: Auditing the current state of content marketing, brainstorming around buyer personas and topic expertise, and working side by side producing content that contributes to revenue.


Planning is crucial to content creation and publication in the digital age. Despite advances in technology giving businesses nearly infinite space to educate, delight, and inform their customers, the tried and true practices of organizing on a classic editorial calendar have never left us. The content marketing specialists at Gruen manage the planning, creation, and management of your content calendar.


Even though the finished content project could be images, video, or audio, nothing can be communicated without writing. The Gruen Agency team of copywriters can create long-form white papers, email newsletters, and blog articles. We help script videos and podcasts, or layout infographics. We also write short-form copy for social media posts, ad copy and much more all while maintaining your company’s communication tone and style.


Even the greatest planned and executed content cannot drive business if it’s never seen. We take content marketing beyond just publishing to your website. We will help you schedule and post messages in social media to drive visitors to that content and help them begin their customer journey with your brand. We can also help you share the value of your content with journalists and influencers to amplify your brand within your industry.

Our Process

Let us discover who you are and what content you’ve already put on the web.

Then we can determine a detailed content plan to get your voice heard.

One of our creative in-house copywriters will draft your copy and quickly turn around any edits you require.

Your content will go out on your website and be promoted on your social networks of choice.

Through the use of analytics, we can see what types of content your core targets respond best to and adjust plans accordingly.

Content Marketing

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • E-mail Blasts
  • Newsletters