The key to conversions on paid search platforms is simple: a highly targeted, data-focused strategy. Lower your bounce rates and drive both clicks and conversions by implementing a tactical Paid Search plan.


At Gruen, we employ a number of in-house paid search experts who work very closely with content creators and SEOs to win click-through for searches that matter to your business. They’re experienced researchers who are devoted to learning the ins and outs of your industry and positioning your business to serve your potential customers at the point when they need you the most. Working with us to improve the success of your brand will feel effortless and help you drive more qualified search traffic to your website and to your phones.


Paid Search PPC Evaluation

It’s as easy as one, two, three:


Creating a successful paid search strategy is simple. First, we assess the situation to find your business’s strengths and weaknesses. We help you evaluate your buyer personas to spot the transactional language they use when they are ready to buy. We will also look at the opportunities missed by your competitors to set you apart from the pack.


Second, we work with you to develop a guiding goal that will determine how you focus your funds. These goals are more than just metrics that make you feel good about the money spent. The goals you set are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely to your business. We help you develop goals that go beyond tracking site visitors or phone calls to qualified metrics that hold your paid search campaigns accountable to earning real business at low acquisition costs.


Together we create an implementation plan based on keyword and competitive search data to draft the kind of ads that get you in front of your target customers. Each business and their customers are unique. That’s why we don’t offer cookie cutter implementation plans. Your paid search campaigns will be implemented based on the research and goals that fit your business in your market. We will also continue to look for new opportunities in the data.


At Gruen, we have the advantage of seeing how several aspects of digital marketing impact individual campaigns. We will take every opportunity to show you how to optimize your paid search campaigns to seal the deal with opportunities created by content, SEO, Social Media, email and more.


We do not operate on contracts and never charge commission.  We align our interests with our clients. And frankly, we think it’s crazy that others don’t.


Competitive Paid Search Case Study

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Our Process

The first step is to collaborate to define your program goals so we can tailor our efforts to meet those benchmarks.

Strategic Planning
With benchmarks developed, we draft a specific, custom paid search strategy to help you reach those goals.

Execute and Optimize
We follow the data that comes in through analytics to optimize your campaign based on what’s working and, in turn, minimize what’s not.

We create dashboards to clearly show where your budget is going. We use these measurements to give insight into what’s working best for you and continue to tailor our programs to reach your goals over time.

Paid Search

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