Search Engine Optimization is the art of improving a web page’s organic visibility on popular search engines like Google. No matter how informative, educational, or entertaining your site content may be, the first step in any customer’s journey is finding that content. Successfully continuing to rank high on a search engine results page (SERP) depends not only on having the right content for the topic but providing people with the right value at the right moment. It is that behavioral value that signals back to the search engine that a page is particularly authoritative on that topic.


At Gruen, we employ a number of in-house search engine optimization specialists (SEOs) who work very closely with copywriters and content creators to win rankings for searches that matter to your business. They’re experienced researchers who are devoted to learning the ins and outs of your industry and positioning your business to serve your potential customers at every point of the decision making process. Working with us to improve the visibility of your brand will feel effortless and help you drive more organic search traffic to your website and to your door.


With over twenty years of marketing experience backing our approach to search optimization, we know the importance of following the right trends at the right moments. Once you have provided the solution to one problem or question, other questions and deeper searches for solutions often arise. Our SEOs use trends in the keyword and ranking data to help your business optimize for each moment along the customer journey no matter what connection or device they may use to find the information they need and want.


As the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become more sophisticated, algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence have made the experience for search users change. No longer are brands dependent on making the topic of a page painfully obvious with repeated use of one or two critical keywords. The entire semantic language of a topic and the way human beings search for specific information are taken into account. The Gruen team of SEOs can help you see beyond the need to make the search engine understand your authority in your location for your industry and successfully reach the people that matter to your business.


The organic services provided by search engines has changed to include value-added answers to specific questions and information about locations and hours of operations for local businesses. The opportunities to provide the right information at the right moment have improved for businesses. Your brand can not only earn high placement of a valuable link in search results, but by implementing a robust SEO strategy, you can earn a top-of-page knowledge box answer or a place at the top of the list of local businesses.


Search engines recognize that more people now turn to their mobile device than their computer for answers at any given moment. Our team of SEOs will help your business gain its proper placement in mobile and local search results.


The Gruen team of SEOs will help you evaluate all aspects of your web presence. Together, we will go beyond just the on-page ranking factors of keywords, title tags, and phrase matching. We will ensure that your content performs at speed no matter what connection your customer may use. We will also help you build the influencer relationships necessary to earn trustworthy links to your site.

Our Process

Let’s talk about who your business is, what your business does, and why what it does is important.

Time to take a look at past and future analytics trends, do some deep dive keyword research, and see where the data leads.

Once we know where you’re at, our team will craft an executable plan based on your specific needs to get you where you want to go.

Our initial strategies are just that: initial. We’re devoted to meeting with you as often as needed to revise plans as new data, trends, and ideas are discovered.

SEO Services

  • Comprehensive Site Audits
  • On-Page SEO Strategy Development
  • Technical SEO