YoY increase in organic visitors

YoY increase in purchases from organic search

The Client Story

Gruen partnered with Christmas Cottage Lights in September 2019 to help them grow their seasonal ecommerce business. Their custom-designed outdoor displays are an evolution in the tradition of outdoor decorating, featuring high quality metal frames and innovative LED light technology.

Their goal was to increase product orders by driving more traffic to their site and improving customer conversions.


SEO Strategy

Our initial strategy was twofold:

First, we audited the site for potential technical improvements that would provide quick wins by increasing quality traffic. We evaluated and prioritized the search terms that potential buyers were commonly using while shopping for similar products. Then we were able to make updates to their site metadata to better position it in search results for active shoppers.

Second, we performed a site assessment in order to turn the increase in visitors into more buyers. It’s critical to think like a potential buyer when evaluating user experience. We focused on product images and details that buyers are using to make purchasing decisions. We added new photos and improved the visibility of product sizing and dimensions to better reflect the quality and scale of the products. We also added SEO-friendly keywords to the product descriptions to better support the metadata updates.
We also restructured page layouts so it was possible to display all of their available products, and we coded the site so their promotion banner could be displayed on all pages instead of just the homepage, increasing visibility.

The Results

Adding specific conversion goals in Google Analytics allowed us to track the success of the SEO program. During the 4 months we made SEO improvements, there was a 365% YoY increase in organic unique visitors to the website, including a 555% YoY increase in the month of December. Purchases from organic traffic increased as well, 62.5% YoY overall and 133% YoY in December.