The Challenge

The challenge we faced with this client was fairly simple. There were a low volume of online reviews, and the majority of those reviews were negative. EasyWater needed some help with online reputation management, and Gruen was there to help.


  • We set up a solicitation campaign on reputation.com to reach out to EasyWater customers the month after making their purchase asking them to submit a review of their customer service experience
  • We also solicited reviews 6 months after purchase asking customers about their satisfaction with the product

The Results

Easywater’s reviews are now robust and positive, encouraging new customers to engage with confidence and piece of mind.  With hundreds of reviews and an average rating of 4.7/5, their issue with reviews was effectively flipped from a customer deterrent to an enticing endorsement.



Client Testimonial

“Our relationship with Gruen Agency is exactly what we’ve been looking for. Our contacts at Gruen match our passion for marketing our business with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Their communications with us are clear and concrete, and they work hard to make our business successful. Best of all, their services can scale with our business for years to come. We are so thankful we found Gruen Agency.”

– Chad from EasyWater