The E-Comm Client Story

We started managing the paid search efforts for online sunglasses retailer Maui Jim in early 2016. Even though their e-commerce shopping campaign was one of the best performing paid search efforts in their toolkit, there were gaps in the data that made our paid search team wonder if we could make some additional improvements. Anytime we find data gaps or can’t get a satisfactory picture of what’s working, we take it as a signal to dig a little deeper and look into the details. The audit triggered by our desire for more information in the service of this client revealed opportunities to maintain the online product feeds, drill down deeper in the campaign management, and reconcile the data in a way that gave our team and the client a clearer picture of what paid activities were contributing to success. Another agency could have easily let it continue without additional optimization, but we think a little differently about the value of detail at Gruen.


The Challenge

Build on Maui Jim’s successful Google shopping campaigns by paying attention to detail, optimizing search spend on specific products, and accurately attributing real search and display engagement with online sales.


The Hypothesis

Based on the findings of our audit, there were three aspects of the shopping campaigns that we believed would benefit from paying attention to the details.

We believed that adding detail to the product feeds, branching the campaigns to a product level, and closing the loop with reconciled reporting would help us lower cost per sale and increase the number of products dynamically offered in the campaigns.


  • Gruen conducted a thorough audit of Maui Jim’s existing Google Shopping campaign to identify missed opportunities and areas for improvement
  • We set new objectives and developed a custom shopping campaign strategy with Maui Jim based on the ROAS goals
  • We then restructured the current shopping campaign based on agreed upon objectives with Maui Jim — we launched new, more detailed campaigns

The Results

First, we took a deep dive into the product feeds that are used in the shopping campaigns. We made sure that every product had every parameter of description detail consistently included in the feeds. No detail was too insignificant. Every pair of sunglasses offered had every possible bit of information about shape, style, color and more included in the feed. That level of detail in the feed management increased the active products available to appear in Google search results by 88% and decreased the errors related to advertised product information by 98%.

Second, we went granular on how the shopping campaign was organized. Rather than running all products of a particular type, say aviator style frames, at a category level, we branched each category out to the specific products. That step gave us greater performance clarity at a product by product level enabling us to actively manage bids and decrease the cost per acquisition by 61% while maintaining sales volume.

Finally, we carried the details through to the reporting from the client’s CRM, our bid management system, and the programmatic systems involved in running such full-scale detailed campaigns. We are now able to track the sales attribution to search or display and filter any results that were due to a promo code that had already closed the sale giving us a highly accurate view of the real return on investment