increase in conversions

decrease in CPA

increase in impressions

increase in clicks

The Client Story

A national leader in storage unit rental came to us facing a unique, geographic challenge. With branches and locations spread across dozens of states and every time zone, the business KPIs of conversions and cost were affected by regional differences, seasonal habits, and varied consumer interests. The variation extended to sales, promotions, and pricing–all key parts of the buyer experience, and all different by region and location.


  • For Gruen Agency, merely bulk-applying Paid Search best practices wasn’t good enough. We localized all of the client’s content and creative, adding extensions and rewriting ads to leverage local insights and capture local flavor.
  • Our approach to ad copy and campaign structure was highly customized, highlighting specific promos on a per-location basis and ensuring that local searchers always see relevant pricing.
  • Still not satisfied, our consideration of local differences led us to advanced day-parting, analyzing peak conversion periods by location. By adjusting bids accordingly, and by optimizing toward keywords with specific potential to drive website traffic, we saw KPI boosts across the board with dramatic results.


The Results

Year-over-year, for the same price, we boosted conversions by 196%, doubling phone calls and tripling rentals in the process. With our budget remaining steady, we dramatically dropped the cost per lead while increasing impressions by 80% and clicks by 65%. By carefully and comprehensively looking at local insights–a true understanding of our client’s business–we continue to see ever-increasing conversions at ever-decreasing cost.