The Client Story

Throughout the course of 2016 the Gruen Social Media team managed several successful national campaigns for a leader in the health & beauty industry that provided personal care services in locations all over the country. In the spring of that year, the client decided to focus efforts on brand awareness and sales in the Twin Cities metro area. A few months prior to that decision, Facebook had launched a new set of dynamic local awareness tools that were perfect for the goals the client had in mind.


The Challenge

Leverage a powerful new Facebook local ad type to increase brand awareness and sales across all of the Twin Cities metro area locations for a health & beauty service company.

The Hypothesis

We believed that by tailoring the display of marketing messages and focusing creative of those messages to the neighborhoods near the client’s locations, we would increase awareness of the brand locally and secure sales at a much lower cost than we could with other types of display ads. We wanted to take advantage of Facebook’s prominence on mobile devices to encourage immediate action to either call or get directions.


  • Utilize verified Facebook Location pages to dynamically show relevant users the store address and phone number of the location physically closest to them
  • Develop a specialized landing page with Twin Cities-focused design and messaging to localize the user experience
  • Implement phone call conversion tracking from social advertisements alongside measuring the campaign’s value through book online events, requests for driving directions, and gift card purchases

The Results

By refining the target audience by both hyper-local geographic placement and closely aligning them to known customer behaviors and interests, we were able to earn 2 million impressions over a short 4 month period. The targeted key demographic profiles returned website visits at a much lower cost than similar paid search campaigns.