increase in ROI

decrease in CPA

increase in leads

increase in ad spend

The Client Story

An industry leader in Home Services, the client came to us highly regarded by their peers, seeking sophisticated marketing tactics in addition to their quality business practices. As a leader in the area of Paid Search business, Gruen Agency has carved a high-performance niche for pest control and plumbing businesses that made for an excellent partnership.

Gruen Agency prides itself on exceptional lead generation programs for service-based businesses–especially clients who rely on phone calls as their main conversion point–and we designed tactics to deliver exceptional results.

The Challenge

Our client had no trouble earning repeat business from loyal customers; our challenge was obtaining new business from people looking for the service, not the brand.

Our journey began with analyzing the traffic coming to our client’s site. Seeing that more than 50% of their visitors were on a  mobile device, we devised a plan to segment our mobile campaign to take into account mobile’s unique SERP listings, bid value, and relatively shorter-tail queries.

We also hypothesized potential success using Bing. Since our client fell in the higher-end category in their industry, their customer base had historically been older, affluent home owners. Our client had not used Bing prior to coming to us, but this struck us as a great opportunity with Bing’s aligning user base.


  • Gruen Agency tested and fully deployed Call-Only campaigns for this client, a service provider highly dependent on phone calls.
  • Improving conquest campaigns to expand their share of the market
  • Further focusing efforts on mobile search growth as this proved to improve ROI. With fewer results showing on the first page of mobile results, we bid more aggressively. And knowing that mobile queries tend to be shorter tailed, we adjusted our bids accordingly.
  • Expanding search engine platforms to include Bing and their aligning high-end user base with lower-costing clicks compared to Google.

The Results

The client reaped dramatic YoY growth in conversions and ROI with a significant decline in cost-per-lead. This growth came entirely through conquest campaigns, without any easy-win brand terms.

Toward this end, Call-Only campaigns increased leads YoY by 91% with only a 37% ad spend increase. This came alongside a 28% decrease in CPA and 7% decrease in CPC.

Altogether, we substantially grew new business for our client using Paid Search, maintaining high engagement and consistent spend throughout. Our ROI speaks to the high program value and Gruen Agency’s deep interest in understanding the unique needs of service providers.

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