The Client Story

During an overhaul of the social advertising management of a major, luxury sunglasses brand, the brand sought to boost the revenue and tracking sophistication of their social media campaigns. Identifying the opportunity to utilize dynamic ads, we implemented the strategy to leverage their product catalog and increase the analytics’ sophistication.

The Challenge

Oftentimes, our clients are skeptical of investing in social media channels. Concerns surrounding these platforms include the question of effectiveness: whether it produces new business in an efficient way, and whether the results can be effectively tracked, analyzed, and improved upon. We love this skepticism because we chart the dollars and cents of our paid social programs and clearly convey ROI.


  • Working closely with our client, we emphasized revenue and sales volume by deploying and testing numerous initiatives, including a sophisticated approach to ad set A/B testing that gave us maximum control over ROI.
  • We then went on to segment campaigns to improve visibility on top-performing categories and optimized them accordingly.
  • Adjusted bidding by device further improved return on ad spend.

The Results

The results proved the high value of social media. In the course of six months, we produced half a million dollars in revenue and achieved an average return on ad spend of 13-to-1, ending the period at 26:1 and achieving 38:1 thereafter. We charted this performance the entire way, down to the cent.

Our continued improvement is largely attributed to tracking results not only of demographic segments, but by device. Understanding that our best CPA came from iPads, the most revenue from iPhones, and highest engagement from androids proved the trackability of social media strategies and provided feedback allowing us to economize ad spend.