The Client Story

A major national supplier of uniforms, linens, and supplies wanted to use digital marketing to boost revenue and prepare for large growth. However, they faced challenges particular to their industry and product offering. A large-scale merger within the industry threatened to make business more competitive than ever and drive up costs.

The Challenge

B2C customers looking for cloth rental were being served ads meant for restaurant owners and, naturally, falling off before conversion. B2B searchers, conversely, couldn’t get a strong sense of the client’s offerings from vague ad copy. As the client’s value to a business owner was misrepresented, the most qualified searchers weren’t making it to the website.


  • We tackled the ambiguity at creative and structural levels. We carefully considered the business owner persona and re-wrote every ad with eyes on B2B sensibilities.
  • We then supported the creative refresh with an exceptional negative keyword list. By taking the time to examine the search term report and compare terms with the client’s knowledge of what constitutes a great lead and customer, we dramatically improved the intent of searchers and web visitors alike.


With the merger of our client’s competitors, Gruen Agency saw a golden competitive opportunity. The merger was causing worry among customers about the stability of their providers; we recognized that interest in switching providers would be higher than normal. In response, we elevated our competitor campaign with right-time messaging speaking directly to the business owners. We understood the customer’s pain points in this unique climate and cleverly addressed them in our ad text. In so doing, we commiserated with the searcher, as if standing alongside them. The idea was to point to the competitors’ weaknesses and position our client as the answer.


The Results

Our strategies had the cumulative effect of tremendous results and rapid growth. We lifted year-over-year conversions by 74 % and doubled call volume 106%, all while reducing costs. We slashed CPA by over $41, reduced CPC by 27% and our dollars went further across the board, earning more clicks and impressions with a higher conversion rate.