The Challenge

A local wholesale and retail garden center decided it was time for a digital marketing overhaul. Their goal was to increase the number of retail commerce in their stores and start converting more wholesale customers online.

They wanted to combine their separate websites into one to increase traffic for their overall presence through a combined online digital marketing campaign. This was on a strict time deadline. After all, spring comes but once a year! We wanted our clients to be ready to convert greenbacks from green thumbs.


  • We rebuilt Wagners’ site navigation from scratch, combining two websites into one, creating a split path for the site’s target audiences — retail vs. wholesale — to segment audiences.
  • Implemented conversion and event tracking in Google Analytics to guide the clients’ future marketing decisions
  • SEO best practices were implemented on all existing web pages to help improve organic search rankings
  • We provided the client with training on how to edit and update pages of the website on the fly
  • Most importantly, we designed the website to be more inviting and colorful so as to better fit brand aesthetics and keep visitors from bouncing