The Client Story

We recently joined forces with a water conditioning company to drive more traffic to their website and increase the customer base using social media. In the beginning, we experimented with several Facebook and Instagram campaign types, with different formats and audiences, seeking the best value for our ad spend.

The Challenge

As we tested and optimized these campaign types, we found the number-one obstacle to conversion was the process. Understanding the psychology of the targeted visitor was essential.


  • We developed a landing page and campaign strategy to shorten and ease the user experience, reducing friction and making form submissions as simple as possible.
  • We then produced a specialized lead form campaign designed around the user experience.

The Results

A dramatic, rapid increase in lead volume producing sales at a much cheaper cost resulted, increasing the company’s return on investment and bringing their product into more homes.

In the course of six months, our monthly budget remained the same as the average cost per acquisition shrunk from $187.50 to $4.90. The company now receives hundreds of more leads every month and we continue to follow the data to ever-improve their industry position